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Revolutionary New Contact Lens

Remember when you had only two choices in contact lenses? “Hard” lenses (rigid gas permeable) were best for sharp, clear vision, but were often irritating and uncomfortable. Soft lenses were the most comfortable but often provided less-than-optimal vision. Now, a technological breakthrough makes that choice a thing of the past.

SynergEyes contact lenses deliver the crisp vision of a rigid lens plus the all-day comfort of a soft lens. SynergEyes combines two types of contact lens materials – a rigid gas permeable center and a soft hydrophilic outer skirt – into one unique “hybrid” lens.

The rigid center provides high oxygen transmissibility for healthy eyes and clear, sharp vision, and the soft skirt surrounding the center gives you the all-day comfort of a soft lens. The HyperBond™ technology used in SynergEyes lenses delivers exceptional strength at the junction of the soft and rigid materials. The center is highly oxygen permeable which is critical to maintaining corneal health.

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SynergEyes is free from “toric lens rotation”, a common problem associated with astigmatic lenses that causes inconsistent vision. SynergEyes also can be fabricated into a bifocal design providing clear distant and near vision for patients with and without astigmatism. SynergEyes optics remain stable, delivering consistently clear vision – blink after blink.

Thanks to the rigid center optics, you can enjoy crisp, clear vision as never before, while providing the comfort and wearability of a soft lens. SynergEyes also eliminates the problem of irritating debris that can collect under conventional rigid lenses and you won’t experience the annoyance of lenses moving when you blink or dislodging with your active lifestyle.

Have you had a disappointing experience with contact lenses in the past? The SynergEyes hybrid design eliminates problems many people have with contact lenses. SynergEyes may very well be the contact lens breakthrough for your lifestyle.

Duette Contact Lenses

  • Does your vision blur when you blink, lie down, or while driving at night?
  • Would you like more stable vision?
  • Would you like to see more clearly than you’ve ever seen before?

Duette combines two lens materials into one unique lens. The center of the lens is made of a rigid material to give you clear, crisp and stable vision. The soft skirt keeps the lenses comfortable throughout the day.

No other contact lens uses the dual material design to provide exceptional vision and comfort in a single lens. Plus, Duette lenses are personalized for your eyes to give you truly uncompromised vision.

duette hybrid progressive contact lenses.jpg

Duette Progressive Contact Lenses

  • Do you need help reading and seeing things far away?
  • Do you have astigmatism and need help seeing up close?
  • Are you tired of carrying around reading glasses?

Duette Progressive is a contact lens specially designed for people over 40 who are looking for a way to see better-up close, far away and everywhere in between.

The patented, dual material lens design has a rigid center that helps provide crisp, clear vision at all distances and soft outer material for optimal comfort. Duette Progressive lets you live focused…any time…any distance.

UltraHealth Contact Lenses - The Healthy Vision Choice for Irregular Corneas

UltraHealth is designed for patients with irregular cornea conditions. UltraHealth contact lenses are made with materials that deliver high levels of oxygen to the eye and promote all-day tear exchange.

UltraHealth offers a combination of vision, comfort, and convenience from the newest and most advanced hybrid contact lens. Enjoy the best of both worlds with the crisp vision of a gas permeable (GP) contact lens and the all-day comfort of a soft lens.

UltraHealth Hybrid Lens Clear Vision and Comfort Graphic.jpg

Clear Vision and Comfort

Enjoy clear, crisp vision from the GP center of the lens and comfort from the soft outer portion of the lens. Ideal for all-day wear due to the continuous flow of tears underneath the lens during the day.

Hassle-Free Wear

Reduce the hassles in your life. UltraHealth is a familiar size… the same as a soft lens, making it easier to handle. And, the soft part of the lens holds the lens in your eye and helps keep the debris out.

Healthy & Refreshing

The advanced design allows for a healthy flow of tears to circulate under the lens with each and every blink. The new materials allow more oxygen to flow through the lens to your eye.

Sun Protection

Enjoy added sun protection from the UVA and UVB blocker in the lens.