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Upstairs from Gina’s Pizza on Oak Street

Upstairs from Gina’s Pizza on Oak Street

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Sports Vision Training

Slow The Game Down provides player development program specializing in methods, tools and techniques that enable athletes to consistently get into a High Performance Focus— a unique process than enables individuals to maximize the coordination of their eyes, mind and body to reach the highest level of personal potential possible.

For over 30 years, Dr. Bill Harrison, a renowned sports performance specialist, has been utilizing the sports world as a performance laboratory for analyzing, testing and creating a methodology to help athletes develop the skills that can create champions. He found he was able to help athletes develop the heightened visual awareness that seems to be the key in unlocking the door that allows them entrance to “The Zone.” This performance laboratory including work with great athletes such as George Brett, Jason Giambi, Shawn Green, Greg Maddux, Jim Colbert, Billy Casper, the Miller family (Reggie, Cheryl and Darrell), Jennie Finch and many others. Through the utilization of Internet technology, Dr. Harrison’s methodology is now available to anyone and everyone seeking to achieve success on the sports field.

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