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ABO Certified Optician

Al has over three years of experience in Opticianry and enjoys assisting patients with spectacle lens and frame choices. He is near-sighted (myopic) and knows first-hand the importance and necessity of stylish and functional eyewear for various occasions, such as: Occupational, Everyday All-around, Driving, and Active Wear. Al worked with Optical Dynamics monomer lens manufacturing system (molded spectacle lenses hardened with ultraviolet light) in 2000 during its initial commercial manufacturing launch. He enjoys being an Optician due to the technical aspects and the interpersonal interactions with patients.

Al served in the United States Army Signal Corps during the 1992 Persian Gulf War. His hobbies include writing, sculpting, video games, and reading. When you come into Laguna Eyes Optometry and Al assist you with your eyewear, you are likely to hear him say his catch phrase, “Let’s go look at some justifiable jewelry,” in his deep southern accent.