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Very nice people. Came in for a sunglass repair and they are good as new now. Thank you so much
9 months ago
- Kevin B.
Incredibly kind and helpful. Went the extra mile to help repair a pair of glasses. They deserve your business!
1 year ago
- Kelso B.
After experiencing eye pain, my doctor in NYC said that I have dry eyes and told me to start using a gel before going to sleep. 8 weeks later, the pain had gotten worse, and I decided to see another doctor. By that point I was in Laguna Beach, so I called Dr. Harrison's office. She saw me via a video conference on a Thursday (suspected that I had an eye abrasion); she followed up in person on Saturday, confirmed her diagnosis and started me on a treatment plan. When my eye had not improved by Monday morning, she didn't wait, but sent me to a specialist. Instead of having me call the specialist and try to schedule an appointment, she had her office staff call on my behalf. They made sure that the specialist saw me that same day. I was out of Dr. Harrison's office and at the specialist's office 2 hours later. That night, Dr. Harrison called to see how I was doing, and she followed up again the next day and later in the week. The whole thing was an ordeal and there's a lot more to the story, but my takeaway is that Dr. Harrison and her staff really care about their patients. They're super competent, and they'll do whatever is necessary to make sure that their patients get the care needed.
2 years ago
- Z t.
I had my first eye exam in years and I could not have selected a better office to go to, Dr. Harrison and her staff are amazing, very thorough and a great selection of frames!
2 years ago
- Jason B.
Great service.
3 years ago
- Heather D.
Knowledgeable and friendly staff. A variety of frame choices for all from super simple, to sporty, to chic. Dr. Alicia is professional and works with the patient on the best option to achieve the desired result in each individual case.
3 years ago
- Shannon H.
Friendly, professional staff who treat me, my wife and kids like family. Dr. Harrison is one of the best in the business.
3 years ago
- Justin L.