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Custom Stable Contact Lenses

A powerful contact lens that can help correct vision and relieve dry eye. This amazing lens can be worn all day long.

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Introducing the next generation of Custom Stable lenses

We've extended the Custom Stable you've come to know and love with new features that make it even more flexible, easier to fit and comfortable. The newest editions have all the same great features you've come to expect from Custom Stable lenses including quadrant specific adjustments and edge vault as well as spherical, toric and multi-focal options. In addition, the new enhancements allow you to make adjustments that weren't possible before, giving you precision, control and flexibility like never before.

If you've fit Custom Stable lenses in the past you'll find these upgrades to be a natural and exciting evolution of your favorite lens. The fitting principals are still the same as what you already know and the additional options give you enhanced results. Try the improved Custom Stable lenses on your next fit and start seeing the difference.

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Wears all day with complete comfort. With vision this easy life becomes a whole new experience.

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A natural tear lens forms between the lens and the cornea, bringing perfect hydration. Say goodbye to red, itchy eyes.

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Rotational symmetry keeps focus crisp at all times while minimal vertical movement delivers ideal comfort.

Hydration Relief

With its incredible breathability and hydration features, wearing the Custom Stable is easy.

Correcting Vision

Many wearers experience 20/20 vision or better after years of having lost hope they'd ever achieve functional vision again.

Easy to Wear

This contact is easy to wear, no blinking, rotational or comfort issues. It wears all day without a peep.

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Better Than Softs

If you've struggled with wearing contacts in the past, you'll be surprised at how good the Custom Stable feels.

Perfect Focus

Other contacts can be difficult to focus through due to rotation or movement, this lens stays put and is always spot on.

Eye Health

Through a natural tear lens that forms with the Custom Stable, eye moisture and cleansing are maximized for healthier, happier eyes.

Live the Stable Life

The Custom Stable is a game changer for many who struggle with their vision because it changes their lives. Blurry, imperfect vision and constant itching and redness become a thing of the past with the Custom Stable. Gone are the days of constantly thinking, worrying and compensating for poor, irritable vision.

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