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What Is Sports Vision Training and Enhancement?

Volleyball sports Vision Enhancement

Matt Fuerbringer Doing Motion-Vision Enhancement Exercises with our own Ryan Harrison

Vision Therapy for Sports Performance

Sports Vision Training isn’t about correcting your vision. You wear glasses or contacts for that. Vision Therapy is about training (or retraining) the brain to achieve maximum efficiency in the way it processes and responds to visual inputs.

Sports Vision is about training people with excellent vision to process and respond to what they see faster and better. Using a personalized and customized series of techniques and exercises, the brain learns to respond more accurately and efficiently. It’s just like muscle memory. Once you know and refine exactly how to react, you can do it, again and again, getting better every time.

An athlete on the top of his or her game needs neuro-visual responses that are dynamic, precise, and fully aligned every time, all of the time.

Sports Vision Enhancement in Laguna Beach, between Los Angeles and San Diego

Slow The Game Down is a unique vision therapy program designed specifically for athletes. Based out of Laguna Beach, we provide player development program specializing in methods, tools and techniques that enable athletes to consistently get into a High-Performancee Focus--- a unique process than enables individuals to maximize the coordination of their eyes, mind and body to reach the highest level of personal potential possible.

Dr. Bill Harrison: the Grandfather of Sports Vision

For over 30 years, Dr. Bill Harrison, a renowned sports performance specialist, has been utilizing the sports world as a performance laboratory for analyzing, testing and creating a methodology to help athletes develop the skills that can create champions. He found he was able to help athletes develop the heightened visual awareness that seems to be the key to unlocking the door that allows them entrance into "The Zone." This performance laboratory including work with great athletes such as George Brett, Jason Giambi, Shawn Green, Greg Maddux, Jim Colbert, Billy Casper, the Miller family (Reggie, Cheryl and Darrell), Jennie Finch and many others. Through the utilization of Internet technology, Dr. Harrison's methodology is now available to anyone and everyone seeking to achieve success on the sports field.

We provide Sports Vision Enhancement and Training for Los Angeles, San Diego and all of Southern California.

Dr. Bill Harrison talks sports vision enhancement with the likes of MLB Hall of Famer George Brett

Hear an Interview with Dr. Harrison Discussing Sports Vision and Top Baseball Athletes

Visual Processing is How Sport is Played

Vision is way more than how well you read off a chart. Having 20/20 vision doesn’t count for much if you can’t properly track a ball with your eyes, or anticipate where your opponent is headed. If you can’t intercept the play and turn it around, how are you going to succeed?

Sport is all about the visual. The eye sees, the brain interprets and leads, and the body follows. Coaches, athletes, and pundits alike need to keep in mind that visual processing our brain does is prone to fumbles. Incorrect, incorrect, or poorly timed responses are what hold back good athletes from becoming great ones. Even with the best coaching and tactics, sports performance can suffer if not properly honed. Bad habits need to be reversed, while positive skills need to be nurtured. This is what sports vision is all about.

The visual system summarizes what is seen, then tells the brain to activate the muscles to execute a motor action. Vision directs the intelligent movement of the body (the eyes lead the body). The more accurate the visual system can take in and process visual information, the more accurate it can direct appropriate motor movement.

Football Sports Vision Enhancement Laguna Beach, LA, San Diego

What Happens When our Visual System is Inaccurate?

  • Ball not always seen clearly
  • Over or under-estimating the distance of the ball
  • Difficulty making the “shot,” “pass” or “play”
  • Performance in competition deteriorates late in the game or under stress
  • Prone to repeating similar mistakes again and again
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Fatigue

You CAN optimize, correct, and enhance your visual skills through training! Be the athlete you know you can be.

tennis sports vision enhancement near San Diego and Los Angeles

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Sports Vision Training Enhances the Following Skills:

tennis sports vision enhancement Los Angeles and San Diego

Dr. Harrison helping tennis players up their game

  • eye tracking and movement precision
  • enhanced peripheral awareness
  • target localization
  • visual discrimination
  • faster, more accurate hand-eye coordination
  • vision-balance integration
  • visual reaction time
  • visualization
  • depth perception
  • distance estimation

The Research on Sports Vision Enhancement

Improved Batting Averages

A study of the University of Cincinnati baseball team showed drastic improvement in the batting averages of players following six weeks of various kinds of vision training. The team batting average went up 34 points from the previous season, exceeding improvements of other N.C.A.A. teams. Errors decreased by 15 percent, while fielding assists increased 8 percent. Across all tracked batting parameters, vision training showed improvements of 10% or more.

Another study conducted out of the University of California Riverside tested the effects of Vision Training on real-life applications with their own college baseball team. The athletes on their baseball team were able to improve by 30 percent their reading of eye charts — as well as their batting averages — after completing more than two dozen 25-minute vision training sessions using a computer program. According to the study “trained players showed improved vision after training, had decreased strike-outs, and created more runs”.

Vision Training Works For All Sports

Numerous studies have tracked the benefit of Vision Training for Athletes from many different sports. Some of the sports that have shown improvement in performance are: Hockey, Table Tennis, and Golf, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis. For sports with rapid movements, the athletes who have undergone sports vision training have a significant advantage over their competition.

Summary About Vision Training:

  • 20/20 is NOT enough! Just having “normal” 20/20 eyesight and decent eye-hand coordination are not enough to maintain consistent superior athletic performance during practice or “peak” performances.
  • Why sports performance suffers: Most sports rely heavily on visual impact. The eye leads and the body follows. Many athletes don’t realize that their visual systems give inaccurate and/or incomplete information causing their performance to be lower than their potential.
  • Superior athletes require a highly precise and aligned visual system to be accurate EVERY time.Even with excellent coaching, practice and knowledge of the game, sports performance can be below potential with an inefficient visual system. The visual abilities needed to excel in sports are learned skills that can be enhanced, while bad visual habits can be unlearned.

UCLA Volleyball sports vision enhancement

Dr. Harrison working on sports vision for volleyball with UCLA athletes

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*Also ask us about how we can help protect your vision against Blue Light!

  • Boxing is a sport that requires rapid-fire reflexes and top-notch visual skills. Even a momentary lapse in focus, timing, or hand-eye coordination can mean the difference between winning or losing a bout. Before you climb into the ring, come to our office for a thorough eye exam and sports vision training customized to your needs.
  • Do you frequently miss returning a serve while playing tennis, or fail to catch a fast-moving ball coming right at you? The problem may be your reaction time. Find out what reaction time is and what you can do to think and act faster.
  • To succeed in bowling, you need not only strength but also visual precision. And for that, you need excellent visual skills. Find out how sports vision training can help you improve your game.
  • Love to play sports but aren't reaching your potential? It could be your eyes! When your eyes are misaligned, it can cause poor depth perception (3D vision), which, in turn, affects sports performance. Micro-prism lenses can help!
  • Sports vision training helps athletes improve the visual skills they need to excel at their chosen sport. Read on to learn how sports vision exercises can make you a better player.
  • Did you know that sports vision training can improve sports performance? Read on to find out how!
  • Whether you’re a serious athlete or simply enjoy playing sports, sports vision training takes your game to the next level.
  • Sports vision training helps athletes improve the visual skills they need to excel at their chosen sport — including rock climbing. Read on to learn how sports vision training can make you a better climber.
  • Basketball demands lightning-fast decision-making that translates vision into action. Blocking a shot, grabbing a loose ball, and scoring a basket all require good eye-hand-body coordination. We offer sports vision training to develop your visual skills so you can be at the top of your game.
  • Visual skills are key to success while playing sports, yet the importance of these skills in sports is often overlooked. Learn how you can  hone your visual skills for the season ahead.
  • Playing volleyball requires top-notch vision skills, along with excellent physical skills. Volleyball players who want to boost their ability to judge distances and improve their peripheral vision and hand-eye coordination can benefit from sports vision training.
  • Excelling at golf isn’t only about honing your swing and perfecting your mechanics. It’s also about enhancing your visual skills. Learn why enhancing your visual skills can improve your golf performance and empower you.
  • It takes way more than strength and speed to play at the top. The skills required by an elite football player all depend on vision skills which can be perfected.
  • We work with aspiring and professional baseball athletes to hone and enhance their athletic visual skills through advanced Sports Vision Training techniques.
  • Sports vision training enhances the basketball player's neuro-visual skills for maximum speed, accuracy, and performance!
  • Whether you are a serious athlete or enjoy biking as a hobby, sports vision training can help you improve your mountain biking skills.
  • Keep Up-To-Date with our Sports Vision Blog!
  • Top-notch visual skills are vital in motorsports, where the ability to focus, judge distances, and react in a split second can be the difference between driving competitively and safely, and suffering an injury. Learn more about sports vision training to make sure every second counts.
  • Hockey is one of the fastest sports in the world and therefore requires excellent visual skills. Successful hockey players start vision training at a young age and constantly sharpen their visual skills to meet the challenges of this intense game.
  • Athletic success can boost a teenager’s self-confidence. Your role as a parent or coach is to provide them with the support they need to achieve the best possible results. Learn why you should consider sports vision training if your child is underachieving. It can be a game-changer.
  • Coaches know that perfect timing and positioning are the cornerstones to mastering the game of tennis. Sports vision training can help your players significantly improve their timing and positioning. Find out why vision plays a crucial role, and how to train visual skills.
  • Sports vision training is essential for excelling in your sport. In order to prescribe a vision training program and assess your progress, your eye doctor will need to evaluate your vision skills. Below, we'll delve into the various tests you should expect to undergo.
  • Sports Vision is about training people with excellent vision to process and respond to what they see faster and better.