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ZEISS VISUFIT 1000 Platform

The Zeiss Visufit 1000 changes the way you select your glasses. It allows you to see yourself objectively, wearing different styles from a variety of angles. Discover how adding a lens tint can enhance your look and visual comfort, and take all the measurements needed to get the perfect glasses fit and guarantee your best vision possible.

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Perfect Fit & Perfect Visual Experience.

Most of the time, when you try on glasses and look in the mirror, it is not a true representation in the real world. So it's really important to see how you look from different angles.

Moreover, those who have a high prescription can't properly see themselves when they try on glasses, whereas here you'll get to see yourself, from all angles, on the screen.

Visionfit 1000 also measures the distance between each eye and lens, and curvature, and suggests the optimal lenses for your unique eye size. Then it assesses the curvature and angle at which the lenses sit on your face for a perfect fit and perfect visual experience.

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Virtual Try-On Frames in 3D

Virtual try-on frames in 3D allow you to try on more frames, combining the ideal fit within an engaging buying experience. An artificial intelligence algorithm will analyze your face shape, skin, eye, and hair color to help you find the most suitable frames for your features.

This is a compelling prospect, especially for those with a high prescription. After all, no one has ever seen themselves from all sides when buying glasses.

With the virtual try-on, you'll be able to easily try on and compare from our wide range of frames, whether in-store or in our online catalog.

Precise Measurements

Nine mutually calibrated cameras capture a 180° view of your face in a single shot.

  • 3D centration: 180° view with a single shot.
  • Convergence control: Laser speckle avoids convergences, even at short distances.
  • Precise data: Precise measurement of back vertex distance, pupillary distance, and pantoscopic tilt for lenses.
  • Body correction assistant: Helps correct any abnormalities in posture.
  • Thick temples overlay: Detects the cornea's position and measures the back-vertex distance.
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Precise Fit

The way your glasses fit your face affects how your eyes focus through your lenses. The Visufit 1000 allows us to determine exactly how your new frames are worn, helps reduce eye strain and ensures your glasses are made with utmost precision based on your unique features.

Wide Range of Frames & Lenses

We pride ourselves on having hand-picked all the unique eyewear we carry. Whether you’re looking for blue light protection, want specific lenses like progressives, or simply need help finding a nice style of frames for your face, we have what you need. No matter your personal style or preference, we have the perfect pair of frames just for you! At Laguna Eyes Optometry, you'll find the ideal fit for your unique features, budget, lifestyle, and preferences.