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Dr. William Harrison – Retired

Optometrist - Retired

Dr. Harrison enjoys a well-known international reputation as a vision and sports pioneer in worldwide sporting circles. Through the years he has worked with athletes, coaches and teams in most every sport, at the professional, collegiate and amateur level.

His prolific success with athletes stems from his work in designing and developing a complete training program for the U.S. Olympic Training Centers and the Australian Institute of Sport. Many consider him to be one of this country's premier minds for sports enhancement. Countless world-class athletes prepare for international competition with Dr. Harrison's concepts in their training programs.

Through the years he has worked with players of football’s Kansas State University, San Francicsco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams, basketball’s Utah Jazz, Golf’s Jim Colbert and Billy Casper, and numerous Major League Baseball teams. His work in professional baseball began in 1971 with the Kansas City Royals and the first player he worked with was future Hall of Fame Star George Brett. Among the coaches and baseball leaders who participated in his training programs were Jack McKeon, Rex Bowen, Branch Rickey, Jr, John Schuerholz, Syd Thrift, Charley Lau, Mel Didier, Steve Boros, Harry Dunlap and Karl Kuehl. Through the years he has worked hundreds of baseball stars including position players, Lou Piniella, Frank White, Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn in the 1980’s, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, and Shawn Green in the ‘90’s; Carlos Beltran, Mike Sweeney, Sean Casey, Carl Crawford, Jose Guillen, Jonny Gomes, Brady Clark, Adam Dunn, John Baker, Michael Stanton and David Dellucci in the 2000’s. Pitchers include Paul Splittorff, Ron Bryant, and Bert Blyleven in the 1970’s, Doug Drabek, Steve Trachsel, and Pete Harnisch in the 90’s; Greg Maddux, Jason Johnson, Mark Hendrickson, Bronson Arroyo and Danny Graves in the 2000’s. He has consulted with over 10 MLB organizations, including 5 World Series winners.

In 1977, Bausch and Lomb and their public relations company, J. Walter Thompson, selected Dr. Harrison to develop and lead their Bausch and Lomb Sports Vision Council. Dr. Harrison selected and persuaded tennis’ Eddie Dibbs, golf’s Carol Mann, skiing’s Barbara Ann Cochran, baseball’s Roy White, football’s Pat Fischer and ophthalmology’s Richard Keates to be proactive in advancing the cause and public awareness of sports vision. Since the 1970's, Dr. Harrison's principles have enhanced athletic performance and improved many phases of personal development. Blending innovative training methods, solid philosophical and physiological concepts and methods to improve concentration and overall consistency of performance has enabled Dr. Harrison to set the standard for performance enhancement with its eye-mind-body approach.

In recent years he has consulted actively with players from most every MLB team and various minor league organizations including the 2010, 2012 and 2014 World Series Champions San Francisco Giants. Dr. Harrison has appeared nationally on most major radio and television networks. Articles about Dr. Harrison have appeared in USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Sport, Scholastic Coach, Athletic Journal, College Baseball News, U.S.A. Baseball Weekly and the Physician and Sports Medicine Journal.

He has 4 recently co-authored three books "How2Focus: Like the Pros," "How2Focus: The Hitter's Zone," and "How2Focus: The Pitcher's Zone,". Many books have featured portions of his unique training concepts including Walter Alston’s “Complete Baseball Handbook, “ Rickey Henderson’s “OFF BASE Confessions of a Thief,” Tom House’s “The Pitching Edge,” Craig Farnsworth’s “See it and Sink it,” and Syd Thrift’s “The Game According to Syd.”


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